Mail & Telephone Payments

Accept Mail & Telephone Orders with ease                                                with your own secure Online Virtual Terminal.

Accepting payments by Mail and Telephone is quick and easy but does requires extra processing steps as with traditional Retail payments. Having the right tools will greatly increase your productivity, security and most important your profit.

Our Mail and Telephone payment accounts are specifically designed for profitability. But you also get Low Rates and Great Service.

Each MOTO account includes:
  • Secure online virtual terminal
  • Customer Database
  • E-Mailable customer receipts
  • Address and CVV verification
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Recurring billing
  • Multiple users
  • Many other options available
Community Bankcard Mail & Telephone Orders

We know your business is unique so we will treat it as one. We’ll customize a merchant program specific to your business. Email or Fax us your two most recent merchant statements and we’ll tailor the rates for your maximum profit.

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