Retail Payments

Accepting credit card payments at your retail location can increase sales by as much as 30%

It’s true! Customer tend to purchase more when paying with a credit card.

retail payments

No matter what type of retail business you run, you need to accept credit card payments at your place of business. Most customer prefer to pay with credit cards.  After all, if they buy more… you profit more!

Give your customers a choice
of payment and they will
reward you with a purchase.

We can help you:
Community Bankcard can help you increase your business. Whether you are a new or existing business, we offer you low rates and exceptional service. We offer the latest Point-of-Sale hardware and software to help keep you rates at their lowest. All of our products are PCI compliant and incorporate the latest payment technology. Combined with our live 24/7 customer and technical support, you will operate your business with more confidence and efficiency.
Community Bankcard Retail Payments

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