Wireless Payments

Want Retail? Hate Limitations!

Go Wireless!

Wireless payment processing give you the benefit of retail processing with the advantage of mobility. First introduced in the early 2000’s, Wireless processing has proven itself to be one of the more reliable wireless retail processing tools.

Community Bankcard Wireless Payments

1. Same Low Retail Rates

2. Secure Wireless Transactions

3. True Mobility

Community Bankcard knows Wireless.

We have turned many retail merchants to Wireless processing allowing them to increase their revenue otherwise not possible. Wireless processing gives you the edge and freedom to attend industry events, Expos, Fairs and other opportunities which gives your company greater exposure and the freedom to directly promote your products and services.

Who benefits from wireless processing:
  • Transportation
  • Fast food deliveries
  • Mobile vendors
  • Restaurants
  • Kiosks
  • Auto Repair
  • Mobile vendors
  • Food trucks
  • And many others…

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